Your favorite word game using faces (playing cards) instead of letters.

This game is similar to using letters to create words in a word game, but here we use playing cards instead of letters, and create runs, groups and "fifteens" instead of words.


  1. -Play Hotseat, two players using one device

  2. -Play online with random opponents

  3. -Play online with your friends

  4. -Make your move in online games even if you are offline

  5. -Supports multiple users

  6. -Play at 3 different boards:
    Classic, Regular and Random

  7. -Leaderboard for all 3 boards

Features in future releases:

  1. -Score statistics

  2. -Gameplay history

  3. -iPad interface

  4. -Support 3 and 4 player games

  5. -Challenge the device (AI)

  6. -Achievements

  7. -Support for more languages

  8. -A new 'magic' board with jokers