photos kjell sørensen 19.06 2020

All seven onboard lost their lives in crash:

Captain David E. Stenquist. Lt. William I. Hamilton. Lt. Jerome S. Roginski. S/Sgt. Ernest E. Coles. A1c Dorian K. Elliot. A2c Jerry D. Clark. A3c Jerry W. Myers.

The bodies were recovered and flown back to the states three days later.

Lockheed C-130B Hercules Første Svanfjell, Senja Troms

313th Troop Carrier Wing USAF 61-2641 20.03 1966

Took off from Evereux in France. Enroute to Bardufoss to collect troops from NATO exercise "Winter Express" when it crashed into mountain Svanfjell. The official crash investigation later concluded that the crew made a fatal mistake in misinterpreting the requested flight level given by the airplane control at Bardufoss.