avrp is a GNU GPL'ed software to use with programmers using Atmel's communication standard for serial-port programmers. These programmers support AVR and AT89 devices. See the file COPYING for more information regarding the license.

It haven't got any graphical user-interface, but a powerfull command-line interface. And I find that very usefull. For more information you can look at the README file.

The following programmers are known to support the communication standard:

These systems are supported:

Latest version of avrp is 1.0 beta3 (28 September 1998)
Latest version of avrp.def is 2.0 (28 September 1998)

Source archive: avrp-1.0-beta3.tar.gz (lha: avrp-1.0-beta3.lha, zip: avrp-1.0-beta3.zip)
Amiga binary: avrp-1.0-beta3-Amiga.lha
win32 binary: avrp-1.0-beta3-win32.zip

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